An End to a Beginning

Today was my last day at work. It doesn’t hit you until you actually are away for a few days. One does not realize the impact on others until after you have left! I think in this case, the department will survive but will be on crutches for a while. Even with the best group of well intentioned people, you have to do what is right for yourself first. I’m glad that I am able to get what I need from the experience and move on. However, I will miss the camaraderie and openness of the relationships that I’ve formed with my coworkers very much.


Order To One’s Heart’s Content

My good friend Jonathan invited a bunch of my coworkers and myself to have lunch today at his family’s restaurant. It specializes in Chinese Dim sum and seafood throughout its dishes. I’ve never had Dim sum before and was pleasantly surprised from the wide variety of exotic samplings that were prepared for us. Some of it included: shrimp dumpling, lo mai gai, and lotus leaf rice.

All in all, it was great for us to sit and talk candidly away from work about meaningful events in our personal lives. I will miss their friendship and support that I had while working with them. I hope I will make friends just as lasting at my new place of work.


This morning I had to get a lab test done. I arrived at the office at 8:05AM just after opening and saw this. A tiny little room, with 5 chairs and over 10 people waiting in line. With nowhere to sit and lots of expecting mommies who were all seated, I reluctantly stood outside with the other men. Total time to completion: 1.5 hrs!

Some Like It Hot!

Unfortunately, I hate hot weather.. and not only that, its really humid too! Whats going on? I come back from vacation and return to this miserable wasteland. Oh well, just one of the “joys” of living in SoCal.

10 flagrant grammar mistakes that make you look stupid

1: Loose for lose
2: It’s for its (or god forbid, its’)
3: They’re for their for there
4: i.e. for e.g.
5: Effect for affect
6: You’re for your
7: Different than for different from
8 Lay for lie
9: Then for than
10: Could of, would of for could have, would have


I always have problems with #2 and #4 in my writing. Now that this is cleared up, I won’t look stupid anymore…err maybe.


Sleeper Subie catches the M3! Yes, thats a real cop car here patrolling in WA.

Teamfortress 2, For Realz?

Are my eyes being deceived? After how many years did Valve say there were going to release it? I remember at ’99 E3 Expo, my friend asked the Valve rep when is the expected release date. He replied, ‘6-months’..yea right! Well, at least its here soon. Better late than never! 🙂