Free bugers! I will miss them.. next best thing is Fat Burger here in Redmond. But its just NOT the same I tell you!!


3 Responses

  1. You say “Free bugers”?

    Nasty! Wha-da-ya-think Aunt Sophie?


  2. LOL, the HOA with its high monthly fees finally done something good with the money. They brought In-N-Out that summer I remember and gave free burgers… BUT you could only get one! Lame, but then again, having truckloads of snow (ice) and pouring it on the park lawn was also a waste of money. SoCal sense of winter, courtesy of your unfriendly neighborhood home owners association.

  3. Actually it was ok, but waiting in line for them seemed ridiculous. Anyways, I was still as big as a house after just having Robin so at the time free burgers seemed like a great idea. Yeah right! Took alot of exercise to lose all those free

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