Sleeper Subie catches the M3! Yes, thats a real cop car here patrolling in WA.


5 Responses

  1. Scary how you can’t tell who is the cop and who is the red neck. How are we supposed to speed now? Scary both ways, the red neck and the cop. That’s WA for ya

  2. Yes, I have to SLOW down driving here… 🙂

  3. Sophie how can’t you tell who’s who? Cop vs. redneck?

    Do you have one of those radar detectors for your car?

    Omar that must be a drag. Driving much slower that is. Honestly I’ve truly slowed down my average speed in all driving conditions and roadways, but knowing I’d have to slow down even more than my age has done already is a mind trip.

    I remember visiting Houston in 1995. The fact that someone was driving just over 35 on the interstate made us think WTH. Sure the avg speed was faster but still definitely not SoCal Mach speeds.

  4. Yes, most of the local roads here are 40-45mph max. But I can understand why since theres a lot of hills and blind turns. So i wouldn’t want to drive any faster, and driving in the dark is no fun either. Not as many streelights like in SoCal, so you really have to be focused.

  5. Not just focused, more like keep your eyes open as wide as possible. It’s pretty crazy when it’s pitch black, raining, and deer just happen to cross in front of you while your going 40mph. No, I don’t have a radar detector Matt. The point is , you can’t tell who is the cop and who is the red neck. You just hope you don’t run into either.

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