Teamfortress 2, For Realz?

Are my eyes being deceived? After how many years did Valve say there were going to release it? I remember at ’99 E3 Expo, my friend asked the Valve rep when is the expected release date. He replied, ‘6-months’..yea right! Well, at least its here soon. Better late than never! 🙂


2 Responses

  1. I’ve learned something via my comp use. Don’t truth Valve. They’re stupid and incompetent.

    They took a great game of epic quality and success for it’s time. A true gold standard to compare others on. And ruined it. CS. Made it slower, much more random, etc… Made the experienced players suffer just so that the new players had a chance. No point in playing, nor trusting Valve ever again.

    And to back up Omar’s point, yes, quite whack. They can’t keep their word on the TF2 release date (nor CS2, that waited for YEARS as well).

    I’ll never buy another one of their games, unless it’s a true breakthrough and somehow precisely what I’m looking for and is the only possible source (other companies making no such type of game). Nearly the same goes for EA and their idiocy. Absolute bands of losers ruining gaming for the world.

  2. Supposedly this new TF2 is better than the initial build I saw a long time ago. The gameplay and classes are the same, but it looks kind of cartoonish and not as sim-like as I remember it was intented to be.

    But I guess Battlefield 2 took that arena away, so they probably had to change the style a bit, less serious and military-like.

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