The Secret

A few months ago I came across this video called The Secret and have been utilizing some of the techniques. I should be more diligent but if you have seen it, you will know that it sounds crazy at first. Its basically a self-help guide to get what you want out of your life. However, its high production value and use of many influential supporters give it some merit, including some Ph.D academia. I admit that it does have some very interesting quotes and insights about how the “Universe” can in one way or another garner your goals and objects of desire.

One aspect that is not very pleasant to hear is that everything that you have accumulated so far is based upon your own wishes. So essentially, you are your own master and can blame no one else for the sorry state of affairs that you currently in. You have actually wished for these negative or positive elements in your life. No, you can’t blame your boss, neighbor or ex-girlfriend!

The good news? You are now armed with the knowledge and instructions to take control of your immediate circumstance! No longer are you a hockey puck being hit around with impunity by the lawless world. The Universe is available to be commanded at your whim, just like the Genie in the Bottle. An analogy in the video that is seriously emphasized, but hard not to chuckle when watched.

I do like the historical background for how The Secret was kept from the masses, and would have liked to see more of that. But who really knows if its true? Did I read the right history book in school? There are real-life testimonials from people who have used The Secret and have had ultra-amazing successes both professionally and personally. If I can achieve half of that, I would be extremely happy and impressed. Not to mention an instant endorser.

I’m going to continue to try using The Secret and see what happens. There’s a lot of content that is covered and frequent viewings I think are necessary to really absorb and understand the full impact of the message that is being conveyed. But I am always keen to spot any brainwashing material that is subliminally implanted in the video! So far so good, nothing yet.

Stay tuned!


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