Back to School

One very nice benefit about living near Seattle, is that the local colleges offer a diverse blend of technical classes. Back in SoCal, I could not find any in Orange County that had MCSE courses for a reasonable price. One place was charging over $9k for a CORE series lasting over 8 months. I’d rather not invest so much in a place that has been established less than 2 years, and with no test vouchers! Not a good sign indeed.

Luckily, BCC in Bellevue offers a much more affordable one which I have signed up that follows the MS curriculum and courseware. So far, I am encouraged by the instructor and his positive real-world experiences to continue my studies. Class is pretty small with only 5 other students, but perhaps thats good thing. It is less informal and we can talk openly as a group without raising our hands like little kids.

Now how do I setup that Active Directory and Domain controller again?


Burmese Britney?

Oh no…hit me baby one more time!

Do we really need another Britney clone? In case you don’t know, the answer is a resounding NO! Maybe her appeal is that she from a far off place called Burma and looks exotic? That would certainly be a better reason then her debut single Get Me Off. My ears are bleeding just listening to the sample clip.

Granted, she wrote all her own songs and is well educated which is certainly an achievement in itself. However I still can’t shake the fact that it sounds all too familiar and regurgitated. MTV2 must actively search for the next “new” look, and she fits the bill perfectly. Young, fresh, and full of energy.. but at the expense of any uniqueness of her own. Still, credit must be given for being the first Burmese, even if that means going totally mainstream. Lets just hope she doesn’t start kissing Madonna in concert!

It has begun…

Rain! I knew it would happen, and it wasn’t a real downpour but measurable at least. It has also been a lot cooler lately, but whats worse is that the A/C at the office is still blasting away. Don’t they know its already cold outside? And whats the deal with umbrellas, no one uses them! I guess that routine gets old when you have long consecutive days, even weeks of the rain. So I look like a fool hiding under one.

But even with all that mess, a rainbow still manages to slip by and remind me of a better day ahead.

Schumacher will Retire

So Michael Schumacher will finally retire at the end of this season, but only after winning 7 world title F1 championships that he can confidently be proud of. I will always remember him as the Rainmaster. His exceptional driving skill in the wet impressed me during his career as well as his brash ‘get outta my way’ attitude towards backmarkers.


No one can deny his technical acuity and 1-stop strategy that has worked so well for him competitively. His departure will make way for the next superstar, but can he live up to the high standards set forth by the great Schumi? Only time will tell!


This is pretty funny and well made if you are Christopher Walken fan. Be-warned, some foul language.

Some memorable characters he played:

A View to a Kill (1985) …. Max Zorin – Crazy Silicon Valley zillionnaire with Grace Jones as girlfriend. Ridiculous story, but I guess it was a foreshadowing of the boom to come with its egoistical corporations.

Communion (1989) …. Whitley Strieber – More serious role for him I presume as a lot of alien abduction books were gaining popularity at the time. He was weird enough as the father, but the anal probe scene really sealed his fate in that one.

Nick of Time (1995) …. Mr. Smith – Corruption at the highest level, and he was it. Poor Johnny Depp had no chance to make his time!