It has begun…

Rain! I knew it would happen, and it wasn’t a real downpour but measurable at least. It has also been a lot cooler lately, but whats worse is that the A/C at the office is still blasting away. Don’t they know its already cold outside? And whats the deal with umbrellas, no one uses them! I guess that routine gets old when you have long consecutive days, even weeks of the rain. So I look like a fool hiding under one.

But even with all that mess, a rainbow still manages to slip by and remind me of a better day ahead.


3 Responses

  1. Come to think of it, I still have yet to use an umbrella. Too much trouble and it’s just water. Mostly us Washingtonians use their hoods from big jackets and parkas. Most places have outside free umbrellas to use, but no one uses them….silly , but true

  2. Mybe that’s why Washingtonian allegedly have web-feet.

  3. I dont have web-feet, atleats I dont think I do. Then again they do look kind of funny.

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