Burmese Britney?

Oh no…hit me baby one more time!

Do we really need another Britney clone? In case you don’t know, the answer is a resounding NO! Maybe her appeal is that she from a far off place called Burma and looks exotic? That would certainly be a better reason then her debut single Get Me Off. My ears are bleeding just listening to the sample clip.

Granted, she wrote all her own songs and is well educated which is certainly an achievement in itself. However I still can’t shake the fact that it sounds all too familiar and regurgitated. MTV2 must actively search for the next “new” look, and she fits the bill perfectly. Young, fresh, and full of energy.. but at the expense of any uniqueness of her own. Still, credit must be given for being the first Burmese, even if that means going totally mainstream. Lets just hope she doesn’t start kissing Madonna in concert!


One Response

  1. Now that’s scarey!! Now everyone across the globe can look and dress like Britney Spears….What a great role model for our future generation. Really disturbing, but already expected.

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