Spooky to the bone

Now that Halloween is fast approaching, it makes me wonder why we still celebrate it. Although the holiday has origins going back 2,000 years ago from the European and Celtic peoples, I don’t remember as a kid ever being told what it actually meant. Some interesting interpretations of the significance of this dark holiday:

  • Trick or treating was a way for the poor to go door-to-door to wealthy families homes and beg for food. The rich would give the poor “soul cakes” and asked to pray for their dead relatives long since gone.
  • Wearing masks and costumes was thought to ward off evil spirits and demons. Roaming ghosts would be confused by the identities of those wearing them.
  • Halloween is the 2nd biggest commercial holiday of the year.

The last point leads to a more sensible reason why it is still being observed. The tremendous revenue generated from the commercialization to kids through candy, costume, and related media. You can bet that Big Sugar is responsible and will continue to promote for many years to come.

Now wheres my Butterfinger?

Issaquah Salmon Days Festival

Today, I went to the Issaquah Salmon Days Festival celebrating the return of the salmon to the hatchery and rivers locally. There must have been over 10,000 people as it was quite crowded! We parked just outside the downtown area and took a yellow school bus shuttle that dropped us off for $1. It felt like being a little kid again riding on the bus going to see the farm. At the same time, there was a main street type of parade with all sorts of organizations proudly marching to the music.

There were so many people that it was difficult to maneuver past all the food and shop vendors just to get to the hatchery and see the salmon. The small bridge over the stream was just too narrow, so you had to wait until you can find a spot to look over the rail. Finally, you could see the salmon swimming! These are of the Chinook (King) salmon species that are quite large, up to 4ft and some over 50 pounds.

Later, we had some food among the many vendors out there. The crab cakes and fish that I had were really good and tasted fresh. Everything was out there including Kenyan chicken and Vietnamese style dishes if you wanted it.

Not to mention the loads of activities for the kids to be occupied with, including this mock mountain climbing wall that was setup.

All in all, it was a good day seeing the salmon run.

Downsize that please!

I’ll take 50 to go please.. now that is what I call dieting. Incredibly detailed down to the pickles and onions, this is entirely edible! Made with real food, I wonder how it tastes? Click on pic to see how it was done!