What’s that smell?

Oh boy! Some excitement at work today. Apparently a group of people smelled what they described as “natural gas” making them sick inside. That’s all it took, and the whole building was evacuated quickly. The fire dept and paramedics from two local cities came in and did a search inside for the culprit. Everyone had to wait outside, and normally this would not be a bad thing, but it was close to 30F outside. Shivering and waiting almost 2 hrs, I assumed there was a real disastrous leak.

After a thorough search, the cause of the strange gas like-smell was due to fumes emitted from equipment left by some roofers working earlier.

That is the official explanation. Back to work please!


2 Responses

  1. Poor Omi, You have just endured one fiasco after another. Hopefully things calm down here in our sleepy town that does not exist to anyone other than those of us who live here. Are you sure the person who smelled the gas wasn’t smelling the toxic gas fumes from Chi wa wa Bell?

  2. You know what they say, silent but deadly!

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