In Search Of

In the early 80’s, there was a popular TV documentary show called In Search Of, focusing on the paranormal and other weirdness around the world. Hosted by none other than Leonard Nimoy (aka Spock of Star Trek), the search was for the truth or explanation to these mysterious events.

This leads me to my own In Search Of moment here in Woodinville.. where are the fish and chips that I miss? Ever since leaving HB, I have not found a comparable version to the strictly SoCal based H.Salt variety down south that I enjoyed. You would think with all the water here, it would be easy to find. Not so!

Yesterdays effort by Rock Bottom Brewery to craft their own take.. a smoked salmon ale-battered dish was fine in its own right. However, using salmon instead of cod doesn’t taste right, perhaps due to the extra oiliness of the fish? So I am left searching again and will likely have to venture further out of town next time.

The show is not over yet!


5 Responses

  1. eeekkk!! What are they thinking….Using Salmon instead of Halibut or Cod.. Try Woodinville Cafe Omi…You’ll like it…. they are decent and the place is quite laid back. Very casual , but lots to look at and their breakfast is wonderful. And they have Strawberry lemonade…

  2. Yes, I’ll have to try the local cafe! Lets see how they do. šŸ™‚

  3. That’s pretty funny. Because that same dish is both Marty and I’s favorite! We go to Rock Bottom just to get some of that salmon-battered heaven.

  4. The microbrews they offer are great! I really liked their Humpback ale.

  5. You really like the Salmon Fry Lizzy? I would think the fish itself would be too oily to be mixed with a thick batter. I never heard of anyone ever using it and Dennis and I have been to alot of fish & chippy places. I’ll have to reconsider and give it a try if we get a chance. How are the wedding plans going? Let us know if we can help you guys.

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