No milk for you!

Interesting, I don’t drink milk with my tea but for those that do might want to consider not adding milk if only for the health benefits.

Tea drinkers were urged today to give milk a miss if they want to help their hearts.

Studies have shown that drinking the brew can help protect against cardiovascular disease. But now researchers say adding milk to a cuppa can counteract any beneficial effects.

The study, carried out in a Berlin hospital, showed that when black tea is drunk on its own, cardiovascular function improves.

But the scientists said “milk counteracts the favourable health effects of tea on vascular function”.

A group of proteins in milk, called caseins, could be to blame for the negative effect.

The research was published in the European Heart Journal.



2 Responses

  1. There’s still nothing better than a rich, creamy hot cup of chai. Gotta love that milk!

  2. Tea brewed in milk, in other words “Indian Tea” or Chai is bad for us? Chai is the guts and soul of being Indian. No Indian can perform any meaningful work before a cup of steaming chia. Giving it up is unthinkable. Half of me, I’m 50% Indian, says NO! From now on I shall drink only half a cup of chai, but the cup will be twice as big.

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