One button mouse returns

I found a great site called Virtual Apple 2 that has an archive of over 1,100 games and software for the Apple II and IIgs. Amazingly, you can use the online emulator plug-in to run any of them through your browser. IE seems to work better than Firefox for me. Once you get it working, all the graphics and sounds are exactly the same as the original. Joystick control is difficult, but mouse and keyboard are better.

I thought I would never see these gems again and it brings back a lot of fun memories. Kudos to the sponsors for their work.

Now I can play Beyond Castle Wolfenstein again in all its synthesized glory…

Kommen sie!


2 Responses

  1. I forgot about Castle Wolfenstein. That’s a real blast from the past. That’s funny that you found it agian Omi, brings alot of memories back.

  2. Yes, and they have your old favorite.. Marble Madness. Moving that marble just right is so frustrating!

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