Age = Age + 1

Today is my birthday, a cause for concern and to reflect on past year’s deeds, both good and bad. So much has changed, but also stayed the same. Am I the same person that I was 5, 10, or 20 years ago? Maybe, but it is increasing clear to me how my social environment has shaped the interests and beliefs that I foster today.

Naturally, I have become more careful in selecting the people I want to associate with and share personal events in my life. It has become a conscious habit that is somewhat distracting and has led to broken relationships. The result are many “what if” scenarios that are at most worrisome and regretful.

Birthday party with friends with me on far left

You’re only old as you think you are

I think the accumulation of the years passing has begun to noticeably affect me. My attention span has been shortened, possibly due to the bombardment of information on the Internet and in the technology field I work in. Daydreaming is not the problem, but anticipating and reacting to the next critical event is always at the forefront of my mind-field. The image of myself projected as detached, and preoccupied is not the ideal one to convey. At friendly socials, this can be a real stumble block.

Numbers read to me verbally get jumbled into an inexplicable order. “84950” is interpreted as “84905”. Once an intermittent problem has grown into a constant, disastrous un-process that stings in my head. Where attention to detail is imperative, my silent rule is double-check and triple-check it. A less than satisfactory response for an ailing mind I suppose.

Physical deterioration is abundant, but I digress. Too many to mention and some embarassingly inappropriate for my age. It may not be uncommon, but the self-destruct sequence initiated by inherited genes are now coming into vengeful fruition.

All of these annoyances can be taken in stride so to speak, as I see that I am certainly not alone in the aging mechanism. Lest I forget my participation in a research aging lab during college.

The representation of the birthday is to celebrate ones emergence into the world.

I just need to be reminded of it!


9 Responses


  2. A happy birthday wish from a fellow Aquarian!
    Hope you got all the chocolate cake you can eat and got loads of neat stuff! Happy Day!

  3. Thanks everyone!

  4. Happy Birthday Omar 1 day late! Sorry to be late, but I’m away at training. Nice diversion on break! Hope you had a great day. Don’t worry, I haven’t noticed any wrinkles yet:)

  5. Happy real late Birthday. I was looking at some old picture albums and I have some good pictures to show you and Sophie.

  6. That would be great to see them.. I have several boxes full of old pictures, but not many with you.

  7. Omi,
    Do you remember who those kids are in that pic? I can’t remember. And who’s that boy trying to hold my hand?

  8. I remember most of them as my classmates, but not their names. The little boy holding your hand is Greg’s little brother I think.

  9. That’s right, now its coming back to me. I forgot about greg.

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