King Naresuan

If you have seen and enjoyed the 2001 Thai movie, The Legend of Suriyothai, you will be pleased to know the same director Chatrichalerm Yukol has created a followup trilogy: King Naresuan

Part 1 was released January 18, 2007 grossing over 120 million baht (US $3.3 million). The latter parts will open this month and ending in December celebrating King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s 80th birthday.

The film has been met with great excitement for its historical depiction of the Thai-Burmese war in the 15th century:

Compared to previous Thais films, this one would be very much appreciated by Burmese,” said Naw Hkam, a Burmese activist living in Chiang Mai. “Previously, films about Thai-Burmese history aroused anti-Burmese hostility among young Thai moviegoers. The script of this film has something to teach every society¹.

Looks great, but now where can I find a subbed copy?

Trailer 1


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