Rambo, go home!

Just when I thought Sylvester Stallone’s career was finally over, he pulls out another wretched plot outta’ his boot to stab me in the back.

His last movie attempt to salvage any redeeming value out of his long actor hiatus, Rocky Balboa was a horrid exercise in futility. Upon hearing of his latest incarnation to return another one of his minimalist speaking buff characters, Rambo.. I was intrigued, why bother?

Much to my dismay, the plot involves John Rambo in all places, Burma!

His mission? To rescue a group of Christian missionaries who are kidnapped while helping the persecuted Karen villagers of Burma.¹

What motive does Stallone have for choosing the plight of the Karen and Burmese for a backdrop that most Americans have never heard of? Is he sincerely trying to shed light on the political and ethnic struggle that has been raging there for so long?

This movie has the potential to undermind the seriousness of the situation there while promoting more baseless good/evil stereotypes.

Looking at his past Rambo movies, it is safe to expect a superficial story with a plethora of inaccuracies and idiotic mind-numbing explosions galore.

At a time when the people of Burma need real help from the Western world, a bullet-laden film such as this will do absolutely no good.


2 Responses

  1. OH……. yes, you are right that you remind me this…..

    We need Rambo now for our recent situation………. hehe 🙂

  2. tung qka po bani a jeni mir qyshpo kaloni ma te miret jenai veq vashdoni

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