Mmmm… Meat

Do you want to know more about where your meat comes from and how it’s slaughtered? A new series called Kill It, Cook It, Eat It explores this on BBC3 and allows volunteer participants to see live how their soon to be meals are prepared. Is it me or does BBC3 have all these cool shows?

I never gave much thought about the slaughtering process until watching Fast Food Nation and this program. There is a certain level of disconnect from what you see in the freezer and the animal it once represented. This show brings it all together, step by step and documented well.

So first the animal is knocked brain dead, then bled out, and the dressing process begins. Quite nasty and bloody I say! But all necessary to put that juicy steak or tender chicken on your plate.

Watching the faces of the participants cringe echoed the ignorance most people have and provided them an experience that will make them undoubtedly appreciate their meal next time.


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