Powershot to the wallet

My Canon Powershot G3 camera has just bit the bullet. Bought in 2003, it worked very well although slow compared to cameras today with their higher megapixel capacities and faster processors.

Since it is physically fine, maybe just an internal CCD board or something needs to be replaced. Perhaps, a loose wire if I’m lucky?

Canon wants me to fork over $157 just for me to mail the camera in, without even looking at it! Yes, its out of warranty, but I was hoping the repair estimate would be more comparable to the actual camera problem. Of course, they have no local authorized repair centers either.

So, a 4 year life span for a Canon digital camera? Now that really sucks.


2 Responses

  1. Planned obsolescence is certainly a major force in the tech industry. Out-of-warranty = out-of-luck is what the fine print in Warranty disclosures usually amounts to.
    So far, our little Canon S-200 Elph is still clicking away OK, but I fear the digital clock of its lifespan is ticking down slowly but surely.

  2. I also noticed that too, all planned as it’s just not economical for them to repair rather replace.

    Disposable electronics = bad for environment

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