The Forbidden Fruit

Durian must be the only fruit where either you love it or hate it. To those that can’t stand the smell, there is now renewed hope! A Thai scientist with some careful crossbreeding may have figured out how to remove that nasty odor once and for all.

“There is probably no other fruit that elicits such passion — and revulsion — as the durian.”

The only question is, does it taste the same and will the legions of fans accept it?

Personally, I think I will stay out of this ripening controversy and let the durian stay where it is.. off my plate!



6 Responses

  1. hi,

    oh…… god ! me and you are so different here liking this fruit,Durian !
    I love it soooooooooooooo much and for me it’s smell and taste are wonderful !
    Even yesterday, i bought a big one and ate it ………. So Delicious !

    Sad 😦 ,as you will not be partner with me to eat it together !

    love ya………

  2. Don’t worry, I will hold my nose while I eat one! 🙂

  3. Oh……..greattttttt !

    Ok, hold your nose for 3hrs…………. 🙂 as when i eat it takes time for one piece…………………… :O

  4. I’m with you Jasmin, Omi obviously hasn’t accquired the taste and wonderful smell of durian. Until he does there will be more for us durian lovers to eat. Ha Ha.

  5. Mumtaz…..Omi can’t even stand the smell of durian candy!! Sorry Omi, we have to spill the beans some time.

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