Honey, I’m home!

Wow, talk about an entrance for your wedding ceremony! Riding on an elephant in your La Habra, CA neighborhood must be cool.

Just to make it more special, the bride arrived on a boat in what looks like their local golf course.. I’m sure the neighbors enjoyed and joined in the festivities too.

“We kept it secret, and when everyone saw in the morning – oh, everyone’s eyes popped out,” Prufulla recalls.

Now, how can I rent an 8,800lb elephant here in Woodinville? 🙂



8 Responses

  1. I’ll rent you one Omi, with all the decorations if and only if you ride it down main street Woodinville. I’ll even pay for the sweet jasmine garlands to decorate and cover your face.

  2. I’d also like to see you do it too Omi, especially in one of our wonderful wind or snow storms , or even just alittle hail. Something that is true to Woodinville.

  3. As long as I don’t fall off the elephant!

  4. oh……..yes Papa, pls rent one for Omi for wedding …….. he will ride it to hotel from home 🙂

  5. See Omi, Mumtaz wants you to ride the elephant from home to the hotel in Long Beach. Not just around the block…..I like that! Here comes Omi on PCH. Poor elephant though…..:(

  6. Poor person BEHIND the elephant!

  7. You mean the guy with a shovel in his hands. I found a site that will cater to your every wedding needs, including the elephant. Try Kumba.com.

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