For the love of sour!

Seems like a lot of food products are going for the sweet-sour flavor now. Although, I never took to the Sour Patch Kids or Super Lemon variety, I do enjoy a good pickle.

But how about a Kool-Aid marinated pickle; watermelon or cherry perhaps?

The sheer unnatural bright color puts me on edge. At least the kids like it, albeit further deteriorating their already stained teeth. Bad Koolickle!

Whats next, Hawaiian-Punch flavored jalepeno peppers?



5 Responses

  1. Omisan! We are excited about you going to get your bride 🙂 I know this has nothing to do with your blog post but we are excited for you anyway. lol We have a new blog now. 🙂

  2. Hey Steve! I’m excited too and will be leaving at end of this month to see her.
    Your new blog looks great too!

  3. I love pickles, but a Koolaid pickle??? That’s just wrong. And it can’t be good ingesting all that food coloring, especially for kids. Yuck!!

  4. Yuck! I agree! I can eat my fair share of pickles… but imagine the Kool-aid mustache you would get ofter one of these, ugh, no thanks.

  5. EEEWWWEEE the mustache…thats funny Lizzy!! lol

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