Hairy Thief

As if there aren’t enough problems with flooding, flu outbreak, and power outages in Burma, a new dark threat has emerged! The latest hot item on the streets is none other than ladies’ hair. It appears that long haired women are now being targeted for their beautiful hair by having it cut off unknowingly and then being sold.

“My long hair was cut while I was on my way back from the office. I found out only when I got back home,” an unidentified female bus commuter was quoted as saying.

The woman said her friend’s tresses were cut while she was walking down the street and she only noticed when some remaining strands fell. Another woman’s hair was cut while she was shopping at a roadside store, the journal said.

If hair thieves can fetch up to $320 USD for the newly cut hair, then it is indeed a profitable enterprise with low risk.

Must warn my fianceé now!



One Response

  1. Wow, that’s shocking. I’ve heard of women being groped while in crowded places like buses or during Thingyan festivals, but now this is a just a total violation of personal space and their dignity.

    Thanks for that interesting news.

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