SCRUM – save the trees, no more post-it-notes please!

This is the War Room where Post It Notes are your ammo and Stories are your weapon.

Many hours spent in this room scrumming around. Now do you feel more Agile?


I hate you Dell


Happy Halloween

Try not to stare at it too long…

Still here

Yes, I’m still here. Just haven’t updated in a while, but will soon. Promise!

Rambo in Burma

The trailer for John Rambo (2008) is sadly out, marketed by some unheard of movie studio. As expected, it has the gratuitous mindless violence and story line that makes no sense. There also appears to be a religious aspect to Rambo’s character that was not explored before in his previous films. Was this element added to somehow justify the killing?

I am still baffled why Stallone thinks the 80’s genre of war movie will work for him. He looks aging, desperate and totally merciless in the trailer clip acting out a vengeful hate unseen before. With a tag line like “Attacking Soon”, how can it go wrong right?

It is disappointing to see such a movie created at the exploitation of the Burmese people and the escalating crisis there. They deserve better than this.

Watch the video and judge for yourself.

Powershot to the wallet

My Canon Powershot G3 camera has just bit the bullet. Bought in 2003, it worked very well although slow compared to cameras today with their higher megapixel capacities and faster processors.

Since it is physically fine, maybe just an internal CCD board or something needs to be replaced. Perhaps, a loose wire if I’m lucky?

Canon wants me to fork over $157 just for me to mail the camera in, without even looking at it! Yes, its out of warranty, but I was hoping the repair estimate would be more comparable to the actual camera problem. Of course, they have no local authorized repair centers either.

So, a 4 year life span for a Canon digital camera? Now that really sucks.

The Big Brown Machine

Yesterday, I shipped a package by UPS from Woodinville, WA to Huntington Beach, CA by Next Day Air. If the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, then WTF is UPS doing?

It flew to Portland, OR, then to Des Moines IA, swinging by Louisville, KY and finally now going in the right direction back to SoCal.

I assume that it needs to travel to their nearest major hub, but it does concern me that it may get lost with all the excess checking in and out of their facilities. Maybe someone with insider knowledge can explain as I have seen it happen before.

Just so long as it makes it to the final destination, then everything is A-OK!