Scar Wars


Rambo in Burma

The trailer for John Rambo (2008) is sadly out, marketed by some unheard of movie studio. As expected, it has the gratuitous mindless violence and story line that makes no sense. There also appears to be a religious aspect to Rambo’s character that was not explored before in his previous films. Was this element added to somehow justify the killing?

I am still baffled why Stallone thinks the 80’s genre of war movie will work for him. He looks aging, desperate and totally merciless in the trailer clip acting out a vengeful hate unseen before. With a tag line like “Attacking Soon”, how can it go wrong right?

It is disappointing to see such a movie created at the exploitation of the Burmese people and the escalating crisis there. They deserve better than this.

Watch the video and judge for yourself.

Scary Mary

I used to like the film Mary Poppins as a kid, but after watching this remixed cut trailer… a spoonful of sugar sounds creepy! Very nicely done and brings new meaning to Supercalifrajalisticexpialidocious.

Note to author: Please make ones for Bedknobs & Broomsticks, The Love Bug, and The Cat from Outer Space! Gracias!

Trip Clips

Some videos I took during my trip in Burma. Too bad the quality got reduced after uploading, but you get the idea.

Update: Added floating market boat ride in Thailand.


This is pretty funny and well made if you are Christopher Walken fan. Be-warned, some foul language.

Some memorable characters he played:

A View to a Kill (1985) …. Max Zorin – Crazy Silicon Valley zillionnaire with Grace Jones as girlfriend. Ridiculous story, but I guess it was a foreshadowing of the boom to come with its egoistical corporations.

Communion (1989) …. Whitley Strieber – More serious role for him I presume as a lot of alien abduction books were gaining popularity at the time. He was weird enough as the father, but the anal probe scene really sealed his fate in that one.

Nick of Time (1995) …. Mr. Smith – Corruption at the highest level, and he was it. Poor Johnny Depp had no chance to make his time!